Catching Up: What I Hope to Post About in the Coming Months

So, I am a horrible blogger. Please forgive me for enjoying my real life so much that I couldn’t hash out a few hours a week to blog. I meant to. I really did. It just never seemed to make the list each day. I’ve decided that I really do want to document with pdfcreator, at least to some extent, what life has been like in the bus for our family history’s sake. So in the coming months, I hope to catch up on the last year or more including improvements we’ve made to the bus, problems we’ve run into, fun times, lessons learned, etc. Unfortunately, I probably won’t have dates to go along with everything I post, or photos for that matter, but I’ll do my best to think of when everything occurred.


  • Upper Cabinets on Driver’s Side
  • Window Screens and spacers
  • Reupholster the Couches
  • A Hanging Hamper
  • Closet Organizers on Our Side
  • Closet Organizers on the Kids’ Side
  • Air Conditioning!
  • Vent Fans in the Kitchen and Bathroom
  • New Sewage Tanks
  • A Kitchen Table
  • A Blackboard and Magnet Board for School
  • Digital Homeschooling
  • Digitize Everything! Loving Evernote.
  • Matresses vs. Hammocks
  • Permanent walls in the Kids’ Room
  • Fixing the Pneumatic Driver’s Seat
  • Painting the Roof
  • Exterior house painting (plannned)
  • Upper Cabinets on the Passenger Side (planned)
  • New Bulk Food Storage (planned)
  • New Towel Racks (planned)

Fun Times

  • Straw Bale Garden
  • Sleepover with Cousins
  • Having Friends over with their Kids
  • Our first “Camping” experience
  • Taking the Skoolie to Youth Camp
  • Taking the Skoolie to Youth Camp (again)
  • Brewing Wine in the Bus

Disasters and Oopsies

  • Losing Our Keys and Breaking into the Skoolie
  • Leaking Sewage (Eeww)
  • High Winds and Lost Pop-Up
  • Rotting Outdoor Rugs
  • Ants and Mice?! Really!!??
  • Is There Such a Thing as Easy Care Fabric? Our Couch Woes.
  • Converter on the Caput
  • A Crack in the Tub

Work Arounds

  • Emergency Blankets to Combat Heat


Lessons Learned

  • The Social Stigma
  •  ”Providing” for the Family?
  • Don’t Need as Much as We Thought
  • An Appreciation for Less
  • An Appreciation for Cleanliness
  • An Appreciation for Order

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