Catching Up: What I Hope to Post About in the Coming Months

So, I am not the best blogger,  Please forgive me for enjoying my real life so much that I couldn’t hash out a few hours a week to blog.I meant to. I really did. It just never seemed to make the list each day. I’ve decided that I really do want to document with pdfcreator, at least to some extent, what life has been like in the bus for our family history’s sake.

So in the coming months, I hope to catch up on the last year or more including improvements we’ve made to the bus, problems we’ve run into like the time we need to get a pest sevice from to help us with bed bugs, fun times, lessons learned, etc.

Unfortunately, I probably won’t have dates to go along with everything I post, or photos for that matter, but I’ll do my best to think of when everything occurred.


  • Upper Cabinets on Driver’s Side
  • Window Screens and spacers
  • Reupholster the Couches
  • A Hanging Hamper
  • Closet Organizers on Our Side
  • Closet Organizers on the Kids’ Side
  • Air Conditioning!
  • Vent Fans in the Kitchen and Bathroom
  • New Sewage Tanks
  • A Kitchen Table
  • A Blackboard and Magnet Board for School
  • Digital Homeschooling
  • Digitize Everything! Loving Evernote.
  • Matresses vs. Hammocks
  • Permanent walls in the Kids’ Room
  • Fixing the Pneumatic Driver’s Seat
  • Painting the Roof
  • Exterior house painting (plannned)
  • Upper Cabinets on the Passenger Side (planned)
  • New Bulk Food Storage (planned)
  • New Towel Racks (planned)
  • Curb appeal ( ASAP )

Ok so first of all this list of improvement I will do them all, some have asked me why I’m I doing so many, but making the space you inhabit into a home that you can be proud of is hard work and it can feel like there’s always some project or other that need doing, so I make this list to start step by step.

Alongside the usual house work that comes with daily life there might be some storage space that needs building. Kitchen tiles that need updating, or hallway that needs a splash of paint to give it more life. Go to and discover solutions to all the construction shortcomings you might be facing at your house, be it roofing or giving the house a new look. I already checked out and asked for a free estimate. For me right now I would love to finish with the curb appeal first as it’s the first thing you see when you come home, and I know it will just make me proud when I come to see it finished and it will motivate me to keep going with the rest. After all the madness with the improvement I also did a list for enjoying a little free time which is always good to have in mind to have hobbies and exercise even if is for home with a foam roller amazon device, if you work and work when you realize you never did something fun with your friends and family and there always has to be a balance.

Fun Times

  • Straw Bale Garden
  • Sleepover with Cousins
  • Having Friends over with their Kids
  • Our first “Camping” experience
  • Taking the Skoolie to Youth Camp
  • Taking the Skoolie to Youth Camp (again)
  • Brewing Wine in the Bus

Disasters and Oopsies

  • Losing Our Keys and Breaking into the Skoolie
  • Leaking Sewage (Eeww)
  • High Winds and Lost Pop-Up
  • Rotting Outdoor Rugs
  • Ants and Mice?! Really!!??
  • Is There Such a Thing as Easy Care Fabric? Our Couch Woes.
  • Converter on the Caput
  • A Crack in the Tub

Work Arounds

  • Emergency Blankets to Combat Heat.

Leasons learned

  • The Social Stigma
  •  ”Providing” for the Family?
  • Don’t Need as Much as We Thought
  • An Appreciation for Less
  • An Appreciation for Cleanliness
  • An Appreciation for Order


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