Covering unneeded windows.

So, there is almost always a need to cover some windows. For our floor-plan, we need to cover 17 of them.

Most people rivet sheet metal to the outside of the bus and remove the windows. We thought we had a really cool looking bus and wanted to preserve the architecture, so we went with an internal window installation lincoln ne and window covering.  When deciding to use aluminium, it’s important to know how to choose an aluminium supplier, they are not all created equal and your projects limitations will be a deciding factor,

Home windows come in many types and styles. You can combine several of the same kind of windows, such as a bank of casement windows, or you can try to mix it up, such as a picture window flanked by two casement windows. Simply contact Window Replacement Sacramento.

We had 17 panels made out of #18 galvanized steel. We painted the outside high gloss black so it will match (not fool anyone, just match) the rest of the windows which will receive limo tint down the road. For windows installation andersen replacement windows cincinnati oh can help you with good quality serives. Here is the inside of a panel:

Notice the fold. That’s really important to the integrity of the metal and to getting a good fit. I cleaned the sills out real nice. Here is the slot it goes into.

This is a crumby photo, but if you ever took a bus window out, you get the idea.

Here is what they look like all installed from the inside:

Again, a bad photo, but here is the outside:


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  1. Anthony Domingo

    Great Job on the fit ! are you going to leve the galv finish or treat the panels with upholstery and sound proofing?


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