New houses are a lot of work, creating a house from the beginning take a lot of time and professionals, from builders to plumbers and electricians, of course you also need to think in the design, many people look for an architech to create their dream home, while others decide to look for other options, and its not just project builders who use designing services for their New Home Designs. Sometimes, the refurbishment of the house can go awry and end up with some regrets you’d have to bottle up. Hence, on your next remodeling project, make sure to plan accordingly and meticulously, for it always pays in the long run. Owner builders are using building designers as well, to create their home while they do they own electric system as I do.

The electrical was a lot of fun. I had a feeling I were an electrician. Got to learn some things along the way. I used a regular household breaker box. It takes in the 30 amp plug and distributes it to the bus and to the charger/converter. On other related article about electronic waste recycling you can checkout this blog about Electronic Recycling Pickup vs. Dropoff.

The charger/converter is a 45 amp. I don’t have a battery bank yet, but I will soon. Right now, it is just converting some of our 12 volt stuff. I have it running up into a fuse box in the bus. That fuse box then distributes the 12 volts to the stereo–the original bus speakers actually sound pretty decent, so I’ll keep em’ for now–to the lights and a handful of other 12 volts things. We had to visit nettoyer son mac to get the specific computer drivers ready, that took no time.

We ran a lot of 110 outlets because I know I won’t be able to run it easier if we want more later. We even ran one to the drivers seat. I plan to build a convertible computer desk into the drivers seat so I can have a small office when we are parked and I can even play games with the help of sites like mycsgoboosting.com/guides.

If I were to do anything different, I would order my terminal ends online in bulk. I had to buy a grip of misc. packs to get enough yellows to wire everything up. I’d also wait till I had help to pull the wires. That was a bear to do by myself. My seven year old daughter helped for a while–which was awesome!–but I could have used more help. On other related news about electrical construction, checkout fiberglass electrical enclosures.


4 thoughts on “Electrical

  1. Scribhneoir

    Good work, it’s fun to read about your adventure. Are you planning to use LED lighting? The choice of bulb style and voltage have improved greatly in recent years, we are looking forward to using LEDs in our off-grid house when we get to the electrical stage :-)

    1. jami

      Eventually we will switch to LED lights, but we got a great deal on regular bulbs and will be “hooked up” for a while at least. LED would certainly be better for off grid and boondocking.

  2. Homestead Dad

    Looks good. What kind of batteries are you going to use? Glass mat? Or are they going to be stored outside the living area so you can use a more conventional, and less expensive, battery for your power storage?

    1. Anthony Post author

      The bus has two massive batteries and it only needs one for the regular load. So, for now we are using those. We will need some more when we decide to boondock, but there are lots of other things (like a water tank) we will need before we do that. All that to say, we are relying on shore power 99% of the time for now.

      I reserved a spot in the under storage for a couple batteries. I’ll probably just get whatever deep cycle marine batteries I can afford when we get there.


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