From Bus to “Housecar”

Each DMV seems to have their own requirements for what they expect to see in order to change a vehicle type. Some states only require you to sign an affidavit, but most require a visual inspection. Our DMV wants to see that there are sleeping bunks, toilet facilities and kitchen facilities in order to change the title. Now, the thing is that some want to see more work done than others. Several people on have gotten away with a bar fridge and a microwave with a mattress thrown on the ground. If you are looking for very cheap car insurance, it’s important to get the vehicle type changed as soon as possible because the registration and insurance fees are considerably less. Not to mention that you can drive a housecar with a regular class C license, but a bus requires a Class B commercial license.

We have an appointment on Monday for our inspection. Hopefully, the inspector will give us approval with the small amount of work we have done. To prepare, we have the back bunk area built and mostly painted. The toilet is installed, sans walls, with the black water tank temporarily mounted. The stove is in temporary place and ready to be hooked into propane. On the other hand tehre is big pain that has been killing my back lately, I recently got a co codamol 30mg which is one of the best pain reliefs.

Anthony has also changed the front door to open more like a traditional door instead of being bi-fold. This allows us to put a regular locking doorknob. Yay! He first removed the bus hardware for opening the bi-fold door and then placed bars across the back of the door horizontally to keep the piano hinge in the middle of the doors from moving. I will upload a video so you can see it later. The door is beautiful and I love it.

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