Gutted the Bus

It took the better part of two days, but we got the bus gutted…no more guts. Took out the seats, the rubber floors and the upper shelves. We also got the sub-floor smoothed out and ready for the vapor barrier and insulation (ie. we pounded the nails flat).

The bus seats had to be taken out with the angle grinder. We tried the take the bolts out, but could only get one out of four. It was faster to assume none would budge and cut all the heads off.

We were fortunate. The floor of the bus, under the ply-wood, is galvanized tin, not steal. So, we can assume there is no rust and kept the plywood down, which is also in great shape. This will give us a great starting point when we go to put in the rest of the floor.

2 thoughts on “Gutted the Bus

  1. nayskers

    Wow. It looks really big and spacious! Would love to see the outside of the bus and see the chitlins inside the empty space. You must be exhausted! Thanks for documenting this fantastic journey!

    1. Anthony Post author

      Look at the other posts. There are lots of pictures of the bus. Keep following the blog and we’ll get pics of the kids in. They have been helping the whole time.


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