Here is our initial floorplan

A floor plan is very much like a map — with length and width and scale of how far apart things are.
A floor plan is a simple two-dimensional (2D) line drawing showing a structure’s walls and rooms as though seen from above. Walls, doorways, and windows are often drawn to scale, meaning proportions are somewhat accurate even if a scale designation (e.g., 1 inch = 1 foot) is not indicated. Built-in equipment, such as bathtubs, sinks, and closets are often drawn. Built-in furniture is often showcased in floor plans of a house, like Gustav Stickley and Frank Lloyd Wright did in their houses with built-in seating and bookcases in the inglenook. In a floor plan, what you see is the PLAN of the FLOOR, and is the first step in many people wanting to build their own home, still there are many people that also want to just buy a home they like since sometimes this is more affordable, and there are guides online on how to buy a home for the first time and work all the financial details of it, after this all necessary is to choose a home which is perfect for you, online searches of houses in your price range yielded a lot of very ugly, poorly-maintained houses. But, in the right neighborhoods, even they were scarce. But once a home becomes yours, the dated furniture, dust-collecting figurines, and creepy doll collections will be out of there. If you’re not afraid to open a can of paint or pull up some carpet, you’ll reap the rewards by having a blank canvas to create your own look and feel.
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