House clean on a busy schedule

Back in 2005 when I began this blog I thought I was pretty busy. I was the mother to two young daughters, I was Relief Society President in a large LDS ward, my husband was never home because he was working on his doctorate, I taught a handful of voice lessons, and I sometimes (very sometimes) performed. And I thought my life was completely overstuffed.

I think I might have keeled over and died if I could have looked nearly ten years into the future and seen how busy I am now! I haven’t made much of a secret of how “overstuffed” my life is on this blog, but it still surprises me sometimes. And I regularly have anxiety attacks when I look at my planner.

On the days I go into work (3x per week), I get ready and leave the house shortly after the girls get on the bus. I teach from 9:00-3:00 with a quick lunch break, and then I run home to meet the girls getting off of the bus. Most afternoons are either spent running them from music lessons to orchestra to girl scouts to church activities to school activities. Once we are home, the time is spent helping them with homework, getting dinner on the table, helping them practice their instruments, refereeing arguments, trying to get them to do their chores, and hoping to get a little cleaning done myself. But I ended up hiring a cleaning company to come clean for me since I haven’t had the time to do it myself.

I once thought that the two days I have off during the week would allow me to spend a lot of time cleaning. I was pretty naive to think that, though. Many of those days turn out the way Valentine’s Day did and are full of commitments and errands. Plus, I have to fit at least 7 hours of working from home in somehow. And what about spending time with The Maestro, practicing my own music, or getting in some much-needed me time? And then there’s that whole business about actually needing to sleep for a few hours each night.

Cleaning my house comes in dead last. Which is really quite sad considering how much I adore a clean house. Cleaning a house regularly is really important to avoid bat guano on the attic. Many do not know that bat droppings or bat feces, is actually called bat guano. Bat guano in a home is a serious matter if a bat infestation is large enough. The Critter Squad Inc. in Sugar Land Texas provides attic cleanup to remove bat droppings. They also provide attic restoration services for damaged attic insulation.

Everywhere I look there are great cleaning schedules posted. These overwhelm me nearly as much as my life does. Having to do whatever cleaning tasks are on the schedule in a day where the rest of my schedule may not allow for it just stresses me out further. As great as they are, these types of schedules are just not for me. (I did, however, use a schedule like this when I was a mostly SAHM with great success.)

I have learned a few tricks these last couple years of being back to work, though. And (when I am good about doing them), my house actually stays fairly clean, even the rugs I got from Southwestern Rugs Depot so the house look better. Definitely not deep clean, but clean enough, i only do deep cleaning once a month, when I do this I tend to use the vacuum I got from
1. Let go of perfection
This may be the hardest thing for me. I do want my house to look perfect at all times, just like awesome party houses but that is obviously not possible for me right now. I could hire a live-in maid, but that is not why I went back to work. I went back to work so we could get out of debt for once and for all, so I have to keep that goal in mind when I come home and see all of the unfolded laundry or the newest messes the girls have made. “Clean enough” is a new mantra for me. And sometimes “clean enough” means that I have to close the door to the playroom or just put the dishes in the sink without actually doing them. Speaking of doors, when choosing bifold doors, you can check out this bifold doors colour guide.

And I’m okay with that.

2. Cut the clutter
A house that isn’t full of stuff stays cleaner, this I learnt when I got my new mattress sizes and realized I had no room. I know it’s super hard to stop the continuous influx of things that walk into your front door, but I’ve been working hard to do just that. I am much less likely to buy something that I don’t have a specific need for these days, no matter how cute it is. And I have no problem filling large boxes full of stuff and donating them whenever I can.

I’m not a big Fly Lady person, but I absolutely love her 27 fling Boogie, and employ it often. It simply means to quickly walk through an area in your home and find 27 things to get rid of–whether it’s trash or things you don’t use anymore.

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