I Can See the Light at the End…of the Bus

We are so close to move in! I am getting so excited and anxious, and really just want to work for the next two weeks without sleep so we can be done. Well, not completely done. We plan on moving in once we have all the major things in place. When you’re moving as well, get help from moving company sunshine coast so that they can take good care of your belongings in the process of transportation. Since we are not taking on any debt to build this bus we can only purchase supplies as funds come in. More or less, we have around $400-$600 a month in our budget to purchase things we need. Once it’s gone, work ceases.

Because of the way our funds are working, we had a very slow month in December with the holidays and two of our childrens’ birthdays.  Our latest goal was to move in at the end of December, but it became apparent that wasn’t going to happen. Though I was sorely disappointed, I know that God’s timing is perfect, so we will diligently press on and eagerly await.

We had some wonderful friends donate some angle iron to us, which Anthony cut up and welded into frames for our Murphey bed and the couches we got from here. Pics to come of the couches soon. The bed frame is installed and currently awaiting me getting the mattress put together, some framing, and a more secure latching system. ;) A floor mattress can fit into such a frame, too.

Murphy Bed Frame

Angle Iron welded to make the frame. Works on a locked bolt pivot.

Murphey Bed Up

In the up position. Will have framing and some latches soon.

After a long time deliberating over stain colors for our cabinets, we ended up with black. For some reason the other colors weren’t working for me and the original red oak was too pink to just seal and leave. Although I like the black, it appears that we are going to end up with a more modern look than I had in my head. At least we won’t be able to see this here for more details. I made the installation of blaux portable ac for indoor weather control.

Kitchen Cabinets Stained

Kitchen Cabinets Stained

Lastly, here is a night-time view of the kids’ bunk area. We installed dividers between the beds that will eventually get painted something fun to suit each kids’ personality.

Kids' Bunk Room

This is looking through the doorway into the kids’ bunkroom. These beds are built on top of the engine. There are three beds total. One bed on each side of the one in the middle seen here, with storage built underneath the foot of the beds.

This weekend we tackle the bathroom! On other promotions, if one of your friends or family member needs plastic surgery, take a look at this link for Galumbeck Plastic Surgery.

9 thoughts on “I Can See the Light at the End…of the Bus

  1. Colin

    The bus looks great! Love the Murphey bed, I often wish that we could open up some space in our bus that easily. Oh, and don’t worry, these projects are never actually “done” anyway. Once you start scheming, you can never really stop (just ask my wife) :)

    1. jami Post author

      I’m finding out the truth of that, to be sure! There are many temporary things we are doing just to be able to move in that we will have to fix or change. Plus there are always wheels in my head turning about how we can better use the space, then there’s decorating and converting for off-grid….nope, not going to stop. :)

  2. Val

    I’m so impressed with how beautiful your home is turning out. You guys are doing a great job. I’m also excited with you that the move in date is approaching. What an adventure! Blessings to your family.

  3. Rose Petal

    Thank you so much for introducing yourself on Live Ready Now! I am excited to see how things are coming together for you. You are one of the only families with more than one child that I know of (besides us) living in a tiny house. Blessings to you!

  4. Sharron Domingo

    I really love what you guys are doing! It looks awesome! You are a team so talented, creative and smart! We can’t wait to see it all finished in person. Love all of you!!! G-ma

    1. Anthony

      Thanks Grandma! We can’t wait to come up and show it to you guys. Planning a road trip for after it’s completed.

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