New Power Tools

My Mom and a friend of our are picking up the bus for me. I don’t have a class B license and apparently that can cause major problems at the border when it is registered as a vehicle not an RV…so, I decided to do some preparation. The bus should be here tomorrow afternoon.

The first thing I am going to do is tear out the seats. I picked up a new best drill press. It’s a 7 amp skill to replace my 3 amp craftsman. Not the beefiest drill motor, but definitely an upgrade. I’m going to need this throughput the project, but am hoping I to use it to take the seats out. Usually, the bolts are so old and corroded you have to knock the heads off with the chainsaw, but in the past years, the seats were actually replaced with new reclining charter seats. So, I might be able to get the bolts out and save a ton of trouble. If not, I have my new cordless chainsaw I found on ready (another essential tool for bus conversions).

Project 2 will be tearing out the rubber flooring. I have all the tools I need there. If you’re having trouble with pests in your house you can go to this blog Pesti pest control and ask for help.

Project 3 may require an angle grinder as well. I’m going to take the interior metal paneling out and replace the wall insulation. I’ll replace the paneling in the short section near the front of the bus where it will be visible. I plan to cover the rest of the insulation with a light weight rolled plastic to lighten up the vehicle. Speaking of vehicle, checkout this awesome review of the best best foam cannon you can buy for your car and equipment cleaning.

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