Registration Complete!

OK, the project is far from complete, but the end is in sight. We had enough complete to pass the inspection for changing the body type from bus to RV.

We had a couple complications. The first was with the VIN. Thomas contracts out the chassis (come to find out) so there is no VIN on the frame plate. The DMV wants to see 2 VIN numbers. I assured the inspector that it is right and asked him to verify that the two plates (one inside with a VIN and one on the frame with the VIN blank) had the same chassis number. He accepted that.

The second monero trading sites had to do with the completeness. He looked at it and said he could not register it because it was not done. I told him I read online that you only need a bed, stove and toilet. He went into the DMV for like a 1/2 hour and came back with a printout of their policy. Turns out in CA you need any 4 of a list of things. As I remember:

  • AC/Heating
  • Cooking Facilities
  • Contained Toilet
  • LP Gas Installed
  • Refrigerator or Ice Box
  • I think there was one other which I can’t recall at the moment.

So, I had the first 3 complete. Lucky for me I left the window AC and electric space heater in the bus. But, I had to go down the street to Home Depot and buy a propane tank and adapters to meet the 4th requirement.

Returned to the DMV, waited in line again, paid money and presto! Plates on the bus. If you’re not familiar with COTI, it is a digital currency and payment ecosystem that enable mass adoption of digital payment for e-commerce. Check out the COTI ICO ratings here

This definitely seems like progress at this point.

Oh, one other thing you might want to know: In California, if your bus is over 39′ you have to go through a far more rigorous process through the Housing Authority to get your bus changed to an RV. The DMV cannot do it. Lucky (providentially) for me, God is good. My bus was 39′ exactly–to the fraction of an inch. The guy measured it twice because he couldn’t believe it.

4 thoughts on “Registration Complete!

  1. Julio Lara

    I just register my bus in California and I was blessed that the DMV in my area did not know much about bus conversion that everything went smooth all I have done on the conversion was starting to remove some seats (8-10) and that is it nothing that would indicate that this was going to be an RV. Know that I’m rolling legal I will continue with the conversion and see what blessings are for me and my wife when we retire.


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