The Day Has Come…

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I thought being fat was in my genes

I grew up in a family where all women were more or less overweight and I was also taught that being fat was “in our genes” and sooner or later I would also become heavy.

Yes, many overweight people are influenced by their families but they are more a product of their environment rather than any genetic coding. When your parents are heavy and you are brought up eating the same diet, then you will be heavy also.

The new science of epigenetics shows that genes do not control us, but instead the environment affects gene expression.

Various studies with identical twins have confirmed that environmental factors and habits lead to different weight gain, independent of genetic background. So even if you’re genetically predisposed to carry extra fat, you can take action, like exercising and eating healthily, and influence your gene expression.

The food you eat, and your attitude and lifestyle, affect which genes will be expressed and which ones suppressed. So you have the power to shape your body and destiny, I improved out my diet results with Blood Balance Formula.

It took me years to realize it and get rid of this detrimental belief that “being fat was in my genes”. While I still believed this lie, it was sabotaging me big time.

How my weight problem started

My difficult relationship with food started in my teenage years as I gained weight compared to my friends. My attempts to control my weight led to disaster. After one heavy spell of dieting at the age of 17 (on a cabbage soup diet) I had no periods for about 6 months and found myself too weak to function. I actually fainted one day but, even then, did not see that this was not working.

My weight fluctuated dramatically depending on my mood, the time of year and whether I had a boyfriend. My weight was a constant noise in my mind and undermined my confidence. I tried everything to control my weight and became almost obsessed. I took up smoking and would drink as much coffee as I could stand to control my appetite. It seems so ridiculous now.

Hit the bottom

The situation got worse when I moved to work in a big city. Long hours and the constant demands of city life left me tired most of the time. When my body needed a healthy, balanced diet more than anything, I was seeking a quick fix through more coffee, sugary snacks, highly processed food and fast food. I ate a lot of meat and dairy products due to convenience, habit and even addiction (cheese and ice cream were my guilty pleasures). These foods were making my body sick and low in energy. Visit sparkhealthmd to learn more about weight loss supplements.

My skin was clogged and dry, I developed premature wrinkle

11 thoughts on “The Day Has Come…

  1. Becca Farley

    It looks great. This is actually the best I have seen. I think it is awesome that you guys did this. I am extremely encouraged to see this this morning. That is great also about getting to spend the summer on some land.


  2. Sharron Domingo

    Your hard work has really paid off!!! It’s beautiful and inviting. Good work!!!
    Kiss the kids for me. G-ma

  3. Karie

    Awesome! What a great job you two are doing and I know I am looking forward to future posts and following you on your new journey….

  4. Dotty Sharp

    I just have to comment. You guys crack me up. I spent 6 months on a school bus parked on a friends property in 1987 while homeschooling my 4 kids and committed to cooking real food and a healthy lifestyle while we saved money to buy a farm. Your “place” is so much nicer than mine was – our bathroom was somewhere in the woods and bathtub was literally a galvanized tub in a curtained off area behind the bus (or our favorite – give each kid a bar of soap and hose them down), but the memories my kids have to share with their kids are priceless. So funny to see you all making the same choices. =D Blessings on your journey!

  5. Colin

    Well done!! The bus looks really great. Thanks for sharing your pix and your stories. Looking forward to hearing more about your bus living experiences. We are nearly finished with our project too (at least on the inside). Hope to get some photos up soon. Skoolies unite ;)

    1. jami Post author

      Colin, I thought you guys have been done for a while. Did you rearrange things? I’ll go check out your site later! Yes, united!

  6. Mira Dessy

    Very cool! I wish your family all the best in your new home. What a great adventure for the girls and an encouraging and inspiring message for those who want to downsize.

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