The Day Has Come…

I apologize for our lack of presence here for a while, I have been checking burnaby condos for sale and the houses for sales on and it has taken much of my time, we even had to call the maid service to help us do the house work last week, my husband has also asked me to search for the best warmup underfloor heating options, I also had some traveling to do to my favorite place to camp with a tent from Survival Cooking, which would have been pretty stressful if it wasn’t for the comfortable pillows I took with me, I also had some camping adventures and I have to say that the Survival Cooking site did a good job at advising me on the best equipment. I also got some pretty cool stuff on discount for my pet at PetSmart.

Turns out moving into a bus took quite a bit of time to get everything situated (more on that in future posts), plus we were having wonky internet, the other day I was reading some clarisonic reviews online and all of the sudden I ran out of internet, we were lucky to catch small bits here and there, . We have been in the bus almost two months–hard to believe! For your automobile’s parts or accessories you can checkout toyo tyres Beresfield. But for now, I would like to share about the last days of construction, we want to build a fence but that’s going to be our last step.

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I’ve told you before how we lived next to the best neighbors in the whole wide world, perhaps I haven’t, but we really did. In fact, that was truly the saddest part of leaving our old home. For a fast and hassle-free house selling transaction just visit we buy houses. If you need help on selling your house in a faster way just visit sell my house fast. Anyhow, when our house sold sooner than we anticipated, our neighbors agreed to let us park the bus in their back yard and have full access to their shop and tools to finish the conversion. I know, right?! This was around early October at this time and we made a written agreement (they’re wise, too!) to be out of the yard by January 10th and hired moving companies newark to move out. It seemed like we wouldn’t take nearly that long, but of course, money runs out and time is short, and before we knew it January 10th was sneaking up on us. Thankfully, our neighbor was more than willing to extend our stay as long as we needed it really, but we did not want to outstay our welcome and decided we needed to work double time to get out of there asap. Every free second was spent working on the bus from that time on, and it’s amazing how much we accomplished in a short amount of time, the only free time e had we used it to work out and I even came up to this womens fat burners ranked and rated site, which was the only extra thing I spent money on, well my husband also spend some money on the best prohormone from roids co inc, of course that he asked professionals from if the source was reliable and it was.

My last post was on January 4th and we only had in a kitchen (no plumbing), closets, kids’ bedrooms, and our bed. By February 2nd, when we began moving in with the help from a selected local movers, everything was (mostly) complete including plumbing, bathroom, shower, couches, and a bunch of little things.

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Skoolie Couches

Our couches are made with some foam that I measured and cut with an electric kitchen knife and then upholstered to 1/2 inch ply. Fits nicely into the framing Ant made. Yes, I know the fabric is light, but it was free since I had it on hand. I’ll recover when necessary. There are storage compartments under the seats. Seatbelts to be installed at a later date.

Girls and Their Tools

Ant gave the kids a lesson on using a nail gun. Here the girls are (frills and all!) nailing in some molding.

Skoolie Looking Back

Ant made me some built in shelving in the wall that separates the kitchen and shower. I don’t think I’ll be keeping the caulk in there though. Also notice my GIANT kitchen sink. Yes!

Shower in the Skoolie

Shower is 42″ long. Ant can actually sit down and take a bath if he wanted to. That’s the water heater hanging on the wall. For electric hot water systems repair and installation, you can visit They’ve been in the plumbing industry for over 30 years. It was not supposed to go there, but ended up being bigger than we realized and so we bumped the wall out to accommodate. It actually makes more room for dressing. Don’t worry, we added curtains. The shower is located directly behind the kitchen.

Toilet Room in Skoolie

I really ought to get a new pic of this since it was dark outside when I took it, but you get the idea. It’s small in there and difficult to get a pic. Here you see the sink Ant made out of a small mixing bowl at Target ($15 vs. $90 RV sink) and part of our really cute mirror. The counter is made of ply and lots of Polycrylic. And, yes, we have a door on this one. :)

Skoolie Murphy Bed Down

Here’s the Full Murphy bed when it’s down. It’s very simple to put up and take down and not a big deal at all to do every day. Just part of the routine of making a bed. On the right you can also see the open shelf Ant put up in the kitchen. It may be converted to cabinets eventually.

Skoolie Interior Looking Front

Here’s the table out of the way and placed in the kitchen.

Finally, we are ready to move in. First things are that we need to get curtains up, move in the furniture and start figuring out where to put everything!

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We did not end up at the church property like we thought because permits are still not coming through, so for now we are on Ant’s mom’s extra property with the gardens. It’s actually going to be a blessing. Now we will have fresh eggs and a small piece of land to garden this summer, plus family to enjoy!

11 thoughts on “The Day Has Come…

  1. Becca Farley

    It looks great. This is actually the best I have seen. I think it is awesome that you guys did this. I am extremely encouraged to see this this morning. That is great also about getting to spend the summer on some land.


  2. Sharron Domingo

    Your hard work has really paid off!!! It’s beautiful and inviting. Good work!!!
    Kiss the kids for me. G-ma

  3. Karie

    Awesome! What a great job you two are doing and I know I am looking forward to future posts and following you on your new journey….

  4. Dotty Sharp

    I just have to comment. You guys crack me up. I spent 6 months on a school bus parked on a friends property in 1987 while homeschooling my 4 kids and committed to cooking real food and a healthy lifestyle while we saved money to buy a farm. Your “place” is so much nicer than mine was – our bathroom was somewhere in the woods and bathtub was literally a galvanized tub in a curtained off area behind the bus (or our favorite – give each kid a bar of soap and hose them down), but the memories my kids have to share with their kids are priceless. So funny to see you all making the same choices. =D Blessings on your journey!

  5. Colin

    Well done!! The bus looks really great. Thanks for sharing your pix and your stories. Looking forward to hearing more about your bus living experiences. We are nearly finished with our project too (at least on the inside). Hope to get some photos up soon. Skoolies unite ;)

    1. jami Post author

      Colin, I thought you guys have been done for a while. Did you rearrange things? I’ll go check out your site later! Yes, united!

  6. Mira Dessy

    Very cool! I wish your family all the best in your new home. What a great adventure for the girls and an encouraging and inspiring message for those who want to downsize.

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